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Welcome to Seong.org, the family homepage of the 1st generation Seong family in the United States. We're actually 27th generation of Seong's family from Korea, but have immigrated to the United States in October 1981 and have settled in the northwest suburb of Chicago since. We currently reside in Hoffman Estates, a city located 30 miles west of Chicago, Illinois. We have built this website to share our good memories with our family and friends.

Some of the pages are loaded with graphics and pictures, so patience is needed when loading the pages. We will try to update our Seong.org website on a regular basis, so you're encouraged to visit us often. Also, don't forget to sign our guestbook prior to leaving our website!

We also have the Seong's blog which complements our Seong family website. You're encouraged to visit both of our sites, and leave us with feedback and comments. If you like our old website, it's still available at http://web.seong.org. There is a Korean adage, "A good neighbor is better than a relative in a distant away". With modern technology and Internet, a distant relative is no longer far off. The web, messenger, and email bring many of us living abroad closer than ever, and get to share our memories even before our neighbors.

With prosperity of World Wide Web and the Internet, we've developed a few websites to bring our knowledgebase online. Please checkout our commercial and hobby websites below, and make a few contributions if you can.


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